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Law master's degree delegates evaluate their experiences at the university

The three students aim to make this the best year of their lives and they have all the support they need to achieve this goal.

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PHOTO: Blanca Rodríguez
22/10/19 12:02 Maria Fernanda Callejon

It has been a month since the students of the Master's Degree Programs of the University of Navarra based in Madrid took the first step in their new training cycle.

This week was the election of delegates. The students of the Masters in Law have elected Gabriel Rodríguez, Gonzalo Sotomayor and Rafael Pich-Aguilera as their representatives.

The delegates have set out to make this year "the best" of their lives. "To make it feasible we have the financial aid of an unbeatable human group ," they explained. "Asking for financial aid is not a problem and the work at group is prioritized to the individual work ."

The delegates emphasized the importance of making the right choice of where to study at programs of study graduate school. "The choice of teaching from postgraduate program", they explained, "is one of the most difficult in our lives, but at the same time one of the most influential."

For them, the University of Navarra has been the right place: "A place where academic excellence and staff are equal parts; a place where growing as a professional is easier because of everything that surrounds us: the best professionals, the best conditions and the best students".