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Laura Venzal and José María Lang, delegates of the School de Derecho


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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
27/09/16 16:25 Blanca Rodriguez

Representing the students of School Law at the University of Navarra is a challenge, but Laura Venzal and José María Lang have clear objectives. The committee of the School, which is made up of representatives from the Law courses and International Office, has elected them as delegate and subdelegate for the upcoming academic year.

Laura Venzal, a third year student at Degree in Law, and José María Lang, a second year law student, emphasize that the University has a lot of potential and needs a channel to develop it.

What are the challenges you have set for yourselves?

José María: Since the vacations we have been concerned about doing two things: working to improve the university experience for the students, to enrich the fact that we are part of the University, and to have more socialfinancial aid programs, because with all the people who study here, we can do more for the world.

Laura: The basic objectives are to deepen the academic experience and all the experience that goes with it, which are the growth staff in values of effort, respect, reflection... and the submission to society, which is very important in this University. This vocation of service includes everything that José María has mentioned. We want to work so that everyone has access to these activities and join efforts, so that they can contact people with the same interests and concerns.

How are you going to make it feasible?

L: We had thought of working with Cultural Activities Office and Tantaka so that any small activity that takes place at a class or at a subject would be communicated, so that people could be encouraged to go or learn from what is organized at other Schools.

JM: We would like to join forces. We used to participate in the discussion Club of Dikaios and one day we found out that a community of discussion was going to be opened in Sciences. So we thought why not take the opportunity to join instead of starting something new. That subject of experiences makes us think that there are many activities that take place at the University and most of the university students do not know about them.

L: There are many concerns that could be realized, but they don't because they don't know the global offer. Much better things could emerge if you have students from all the Schools.

Where are you going to start?

JM: We have talked about this and we believe that the first thing we must do is to knock on all the doors. The first work is the recognition of the activities that are organized.

L: That is, to know the School very well. In addition to maintaining a very close conversation with all the students, so that they see that the committee is at their disposal. Transparency is basic. Therefore, we want to introduce ourselves and explain the points of work, always encouraging the initiative to improve our School. There are people with a lot of potential and we have time that we may not have later on.

JM: We want people to wake up, because many things can be done. It is essential for students to realize that we have very rich human resources. Sometimes we forget that we can make a very positive change.

Proclamation of the course councils (.pdf)