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"Try to turn your passion into your work"

Josema Odriozola, founder and CEO of Wave Garden, has given a talk to Tecnun students, within the framework of the Sports Talent Program

23 | 03 | 2023

The founder and CEO of Wave Garden, Josema Odriozola, has given this week a talk to the students of Tecnunstudents as part of the Sports Talent program. Odriozola was accompanied by the former student of the School, Iñigo Martínez de Albornoz, who is currently working on this business in which they have created a revolutionary wave generation technology. "Our engineers lead the development of commercial lagoons for surfing internship certifying both its viability and quality," Odriozola stressed to a large group of future engineers who listened attentively to his words. 

Odriozola began his talk by asking the School's Sports Talent students if any of them had considered focusing their engineering programs of study on something related to their passion for sports, and recommended that they try to "turn their passion into their work". 

The Ceo of Wave Garden explained to the students how business was developed from the beginning until today, when it has become a business multidisciplinary with a team of more than 80 specialists with international experience in development of surf parks in the sector. "We are the best alternative for major developers and investors because we have the largest issue of successfully operating facilities in 4 continents; 7 surf parks under construction in Brazil, Australia, USA and Europe. And a complete engineering and services solution," Odriozola highlighted.

Patented technologies

Odriozola also explained that Wavegarden Cove is a system that generates up to 1,000 waves per hour by moving particles in the water as they do in the sea. "It was the first specific wave generation technology for surfing and is the most sustainable in the industry," he said.

The students who participated in the talk were very satisfied. One of them, Antxon Garmendia Aizpurua commented that he had "loved Josema's attitude, his enthusiasm for surfing and the Philosophy behind his project. I think that having been able to attend to this session has been a very valuable opportunity to learn firsthand the engineering that is developed after leaving the University, how to undertake and how to make the passion of each one his profession.

On the other hand, he also highlighted the testimony of Iñigo Martínez de Albornoz. "Being a former student of the University, his experience has been very close and useful, and I was very pleased that he has also managed to combine his professional career with his sports career".