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"Sport values such as work teamwork and cooperation are core topic in the business world."

José Javier Hombrados, handball goalkeeper, in the CEN, University of Navarra and FEUN cycle.

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23/10/17 11:15

The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Navarra (CEN), the University of Navarra and the Foundation business University of Navarra (FEUN), in partnership with Banco Santander, have held the cycle "Leadership, business andsport". The event was financed by the Navarre Service of employment. This initiative has tried to bring the values of sport closer to companies in Navarra, with the help of renowned successful sportsmen and women, who have shared their leadership experiences.

"The qualities to be an entrepreneur or a winner are similar". This was one of the keys provided by the decathlete and General Manager of Deporte Logroño, Marcos Moreno, who added: "both have goals to achieve, a leadership to exercise". He pointed out that, in business and in sport, "the leader must know how to annul his ego to build a superior vision". In addition, "he must also take responsibility for his successes as well as his failures and wrong decisions". Moreno pointed out the importance of exercise, for business leaders and for successful athletes. "Physical activity is not only for fitness, it also brings emotional balance, better performance and, at final, more happiness," he stressed.

Handball goalkeeper José Javier Hombrados also spoke, referring to the importance of work as a team, both in the world of business and in sport, where values such as coexistence and cooperation are especially important. "Values are what make the team strong, such as humility, confidence, enthusiasm... Without values, one and one is two, but values do not add up, they multiply. The goalkeeper pointed out that, at business, you have to know how to manage talent, which, as he explained, is the combination of skill and commitment.

"A team, both on business and in sports, should always be from high performing. That is, it requires perseverance. If not, it is not a team, but a group of friends". This was the message provided by basketball coach and psychologist Manuel Coloma, who referred to the importance of "balance" and a "good atmosphere" in teams, avoiding individualistic attitudes. Another of the testimonies that the workshop counted on was that of the athlete, Ana Casares, who gave some practical advice on how to manage stress, from her own experience in triathlon, duathlon and marathon competitions. "Breathing techniques help a lot", the expert recommended to the business people attending the event.  

The importance of psychological preparation was also emphasized by the international referee Alberto Undiano, who referred to the importance of decision making, often in "tense and difficult moments". Likewise, the cycle has counted with the interventions of the sportswoman and consultant, Irache García Lizarraga, who has also talked about decision making under pressure and the Paralympic sportswoman, Carla Casals, who has referred to overcoming as core topic of success.