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"The research and the teaching are never for us, they are a way to serve society."

Last December, Marian Salvador Armendáriz, professor at Administrative Law, took over the coordination of doctoral program from School of Law.

FotoJuanJosé Rico/Professor Marian Salvador, coordinator of doctoral program of the School.

24 | 02 | 2022

The latest regulation rules and regulations in 2011 led to the launch of the doctoral program in Global Society Law, which represents the continuation of a tradition in the training of doctors in the School of Law. Since the first thesis , presented in 1964, there are already more than 450 doctoral thesis defended at School.

Marian Salvador, who did her thesis in 2000 entitled The public-legal status of public banks due to their submission to the market, replaces Eduardo Valpuesta in the coordination of this service. The head of Administrative Law advances some of the objectives of the program and the qualities that must be met to work at research at the University.  

- What are your short/medium term objectives deadline for the program? 

Consolidate the quality of our doctoral program and the attention to doctoral students, following the model left by Eduardo Valpuesta. This is no small feat.

- The Vice Rectorate of academic staff has organized a workshop to promote research and professional dedication to the University. Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to teaching? 

I did not wake up one morning deciding to dedicate myself to teaching. It came about almost by chance. When I was in 5th grade of degree program, a friend, who was then living in the CM Goroabe, asked me financial aid to give some class reinforcement to classmates who had failed the subject of Administrative Law. We organized a weekly seminar room . I don't know how that reached the ears of the Full Professor of the subject. One day he summoned me to his office and told me that he knew I liked to give class. The truth is that he had discovered that I liked it very much. And he proposed me to do the thesis with him. At that moment I was not really aware of what I was saying yes to. Actually, I don't know why I decided to dedicate myself to teaching, what I do know is that I feel privileged that teaching chose me. 

- What are the benefits? 

It is very gratifying to feel, at a given moment, how a student student is understanding and learning something new and that you have helped him/her. Apart from that, it is also a privilege to be in permanent contact with young people, who are building the adult they will be and to be able to accompany them in that phase.

- What committee would you give to a student who decides to start his thesis and dedicate himself to the research? 

First of all, this is not a vocation for everyone. Just like any other. That is why I think it is necessary to ask committee, talk to more than one person, get information. It would be a matter of identifying what personal characteristics are necessary for a good development of the university official document and secondly to analyze oneself to know if one has them or not. 

What conditions must be met to approach a doctoral thesis ? 

Patience and a certain mental endurance are required, because the fruits of this subject of work take years to be seen. Those who need short term stimuli should abstain deadline. Curiosity is also necessary, because it is the engine of research: knowing how to ask questions. But we also need discipline and rigor, lest curiosity disperse us and we fail to close our research. And above all, we need generosity. The research and the teaching are never for us, they are a way of serving society, which is concretized in the students, doctoral students and in the academic community to which we belong. But common sense is also needed to concretize this generous effort according to the channels that our system of academic degree program asks of us.