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23_03_24_tecnun_Barcelona the Mobile World Congress

"Being able to attend to one of the most important telephony congresses worldwide has been incredible."

Bruno Sunsundegi, student of Master's Degree Telecommunication Engineering, tells about his experience at the congress Mobile World in Barcelona.

24 | 03 | 2023

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) Mobile World Congress (MWC)also known as congress Mobile World Congress. It is an annual congress around the world of mobile communication, which is held at the Fira de Barcelona and is considered the most important in the world in its sector. Several students from the Master's Degree Telecommunications of Tecnun with professors Yuemin Ding and Andoni Beriain.

Beriain highlights that they were able to enjoy two intense conference at MWC 2023. They learned first-hand about the advances in low-power bluetooth chips from Nordic Semiconductor, the advances for battery-free IoT systems from Wiliot and OPPO, the VNA VectoStar from Anritsu with an operating range of up to 220GHz, and enjoyed the inside of Huawei's booth. Bruno Sunsundegi, student of Master's Degree Telecommunication, expands the experience they could live in this congress on the global technology and platform research and development.


How was the experience as student of Master's Degree of Telecommunication Engineering at the MWC?

The experience as student of Teleco in the MWC has been incredible. It is one of the most important congresses in the world and having attended has shown me that it is true. We were invited by Huawei, who gave us a guided visit through the private section of their booth, explaining in detail some of their latest creations. I found the visit very interesting.

Did it serve as experience for Master's Degree?

Definitely. We had the chance to visit the stands of many companies, for example, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Analog Devices and Telefónica, and we were able to see first-hand their new products, some of them presented at congress. Engineers, and especially Telecom engineers, must be aware of the latest trends and I believe that attend at MWC allows you to better contextualize the new technology products and services that will be launched in the coming months.

What would you highlight the most about this visit?

Carlos Toca and I, students of Master's Degree of Telecommunication, and Tecnun professors Andoni Beriain and Yuemin Ding attended the MWC. I was very surprised by the large number of attendees at the MWC result . I already knew it was a great event, but I didn't think it could gather so many people. This makes it a unique opportunity to make new contacts from anywhere in the world.

Any other details you would like to highlight?

Yes, I would like to thank Huawei for inviting us to the MWC and for the guided visit that they prepared for us, and the professors of Tecnun for thinking of us when deciding who was going to congress. It has been a real privilege to have had the opportunity to attend to such an event.