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Beñat Berasategui Migueliz, from Ikastola San Fermín, issue 1 in the Navarrese Olympiad of Chemistry

Daniel Roldán (IES Benjamín de Tudela) was 2nd and Alex Ascunce (IES place de la Cruz), 3rd, in the test held at the University of Navarra.

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25/04/19 14:43 Laura Juampérez

The Ikastola San Fermín student Beñat Berasategui Migueliz has obtained the best grade in the regional phase of the Olympiad of Chemistry, held at the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra.           

In the same test, organized in partnership with the high school Official Chemists of Aragon and Navarra, were in second place the student of IES Benjamin de Tudela Daniel Roldán Marqués and, in third place, Alex Ascunce Paris, of IES place de la Cruz.

A total of 46 students from Pamplona Santa Catalina, IESE Padre Moret-Irubide, high school Irabia-Izaga, IES Basoko, high school Liceo Monjardín, high school Sagrado Corazón, IES place de la Cruz and high school San Cernin participated; as well as high school Luis Amigó de Mutilva, IES Benjamín de Tudela, IES Marqués de Villena (Falces), high school Santa María la Real-Maristas (Sarriguren), high school Miravalles (Cizur Menor) and Ikastola San Fermín (Cizur Menor).

The ceremony of submission was attended by Hasier Morras Aranoa, director of the Multilingualism and Artistic Education Service, Fermín Iribarren, Associate Dean of the high school Oficial de Químicos de Aragón y Navarra, and University of Navarra professors Carmen Sanmartín and Daniel Plano.

The national phase will be held from May 10 to 12 in Santander (Cantabria). The best classified will opt to participate in the international phase - to be held in Paris (France) from July 21 to 30 - and in the Ibero-American Olympiad of Chemistry, to be held from September 7 to 15 in Oporto (Portugal).