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The University and the Ramón Areces Foundation sign an agreement agreementto promote researchin palliative care.

The agreement will contribute to the development of the ATLANTES Global Observatory of Palliative Care at Institute for Culture and Society, newly designated WHO center partner .

/Sitting, María Iraburu, president of the University of Navarra, and Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra, director of the Ramón Areces Foundation. Behind, Carlos Centeno, researcher principal of the ATLANTES Global Observatory of Palliative Care, and Roberto Bandrés, director general of the association de Amigos.

25 | 04 | 2022

The University of Navarra and the Ramón Areces Foundation have signed an agreement partnership agreement for the development of the research in palliative care at the academic center. Thanks to this financial contribution, the ATLANTES Global Observatory of Palliative Care of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), recently designated as a center partner of the World Health Organization (WHO), will be promoted.

The Ramón Areces Foundation will support the implementation of this global impact initiative between 2022 and 2024. Within this agreement, the organisation of specialised congresses and the knowledge disseminationof the knowledge generated in palliative care, both in general society and in the academic and healthcare spheres, are envisaged.

The signature took place at campus of Pamplona University. The president, María Iraburu, and the director of the Foundation, Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra, took part in the event. The president stressed that personalized medicine, with a special focus on palliative medicine, is one of the priority lines for the University, as reflected in the Strategy 2025.

"Thanks to the contribution of the Ramón Areces Foundation we will be able to develop programs of studyand reports of high scientific value and international impact in a field of great relevance from a human and socialpoint of view," he said. "Through the researchwe want to promote and disseminate the need for palliative care as a way of alleviating the statusof those suffering from advanced diseases, improving their living conditions with a comprehensive approachthat takes into account all the dimensions of the person".

For his part, Raimundo Pérez-Hernández assured that "one of the priorities of the Ramón Areces Foundation is to support the researchof excellence that allows it to contribute, as far as possible, to alleviating the suffering of people". According to him, this agreementwith the University "undoubtedly fulfils both requirementsand expands the frameworkof partnershipthat the two institutions have maintained for years".

researchfor the global developmentof palliatives

The ATLANTES team is made up of a team researcher of eight people of different nationalities and trained in disciplines such as palliative medicine, geography, public health, Humanities, data, among others. Its lines of researchare 'developmentglobal', which seeks to contribute to the developmentof palliative care programmes in the world; 'Intangible values', which focuses on the values of care in advanced illness and at the end of life; and 'The message', related to the speechof palliative care in society.

ATLANTES Global Observatory of Palliative Care is also supported by the "la Caixa" Foundation and the L'Ontano Foundation, as well as several private donors. Their contributions total €1,050,000, which guarantees the quality of work researcher and stability for the coming years.

The Palliative Medicine line is one of the main axes of the University of Navarra's Strategy 2025, which promotes a social impact-orientedresearch and a scientific production focused, in this case, on the search for personalised solutions for the health care of patients with diseases that involve severe pain.