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A seminar room addresses at the University of Navarra the main strategies of World War II, by land, sea and air.

The activity, subsidized by the Ministry of Defense, is part of the subject Análisis y resolución de conflictos, of the Degree de International Office

26 | 02 | 2023

What was the military strategy during World War II? What were the land, air or sea operations that conditioned the course of the conflict? What were their consequences? Organized by the Degree of International Office of the School of Law at partnership with the Security and Defense Club, and the collaborating students of Degree, the seminar room Strategy in World War II brought together on February 23 and 24 experts from the University of Navarra, the US Army College and the Spanish Ministry of Defense to analyze the main operations that took place between 1939 and 1945.

The various presentations also dealt with who the main political and military leaders of both sides (the Allies and the Axis powers) were and how they thought, as well as the origins of the conflict, the post-war period and its consequences. 

The activity is part of the subject Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts taught by Professor Salvador Sánchez Tapia at Degree of International Office and was subsidized by the administrative office general of Defense Policy of the Ministry of Defense .

The Dean of the School Law School, Mercedes Galán, was in charge of inaugurating the conference. She thanked all the speakers for their presence at the University of Navarra and highlighted the contribution of activities such as this seminar room in the training of the students. "There is no doubt that the study of a historical event of the relevance of the Second World War and its strategy, by land, sea and air, the analysis of objectives or the contribution of resources by each of the sides, provides us with lessons that can help us to understand the conflict that Europe is currently experiencing, with the war between Ukraine and Russia," she said.

Michael Neiberg, U.S. Army War College: The Road to World War II

Michael Neiberg, Professor at the US Army War Collegewas in charge of starting the seminar room by describing the events that led to the beginning of the war. Among other experts, the following also participated Francisco Cancio García who provided a broad view of the conflict and the strategy of both sides; and Brig. Gen, Carlos Frías Sanchezdirector from the Army War College, who explained the main operations The evolution of tactics and operational art with respect to the First World War is detailed.

During the second workshop, Professor Ignacio Cristóbal Urbicáin discussed air strategy in World War II; director of the Naval War College, Rear Admiral José Luis Enrech de Acedo, spoke about naval strategy and maritime power; and Colonel José Luis Calvo Albero (SEGENPOL Ministry of Defense) closed the seminar room and addressed the end of the war and its consequences.