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Professors Juan Antonio Gil Tamayo and José Manuel Fidalgo publish 'Patrología'.

This is the twenty-fourth volume of the collection 'Manuales del high school Superior de Ciencias Religiosas (ISCR)' of the University of Navarra.

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Cover of the book. PHOTO: Courtesy
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Juan Antonio Gil Tamayo. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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José Manuel Fidalgo. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
26/03/19 08:57 Chus Cantalapiedra

The high school Higher School of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarra (ISCR) has published Patrología. The volume, written by Juan Antonio Gil Tamayo and José Manuel Fidalgo, professors at School of Theology, is the twenty-fourth book in the ISCR Manuals collection published by EUNSA.

Patrology studies the life, works and doctrine of the Church Fathers. The authors affirm that to receive the heritage of the fathers, to know and study their writings, their life and teachings, constitutes an extraordinary source of cultural, spiritual and apostolic richness for the Christian of the 21st century. And they recall the words of St. John Paul II in his apostolic letter Patres Eccleisae: "The fathers of the Church are truly 'Fathers' because the Church, through the Gospel, received life from them. And they are also her builders, for it was through them that the Church of God was built in her primordial Structures ".

Juan Antonio Gil Tamayo, who died on March 9, a few days after the publication of this book, was a priest, formator at seminar International Bidasoa and professor of Historical Theology at the University of Navarra. In addition to numerous articles in journals, he has published several books on patristic topics, especially on St. Cyprian of Carthage. The Spanish edition of The Creed commented by the Fathers: I Believe in the Church, is ready for publication.

José Manuel Fidalgo Alaiz is a priest, doctor in Theology and graduate at Philosophy. Director of high school Superior de Ciencias Religiosas (ISCR) and professor of Theology at the University of Navarra. Among his books, in addition to those included in the 'Colección Manuales del ISCR', the following stand out: It calls to me too. Freedom and vocation staff, Your footprints are the way. Reflections on vocation and freedom, Educating in depth. A Christian look at post-modernity, Knowing man from God. The centrality of Christ in the anthropology of Romano Guardini.

The 'ISCR Handbooks Collection' is aimed at parents, catechists and formators, teachers of religion or professionals from different fields who feel the need to improve their scientific knowledge of the faith. The books published so far are the following: Introduction to Theology, Ethics, Mariology, Philosophy of Science, Pauline Writings, Pentateuch and Historical Books, Theological Anthropology, Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, Mystery of God, Ecclesiology, Theology of Creation, Prophetic Books, Poetic and sapiential books, Morals of the person: the virtues, Philosophy of the person, Fundamental morals, Theology of mission statement, Christology, Introduction to the Philosophy, Joannine Writings and Catholic Letters, Philosophical Anthropology: The Human Person, Eucharist and Social Morality.