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14 managers and teachers from six Ibero-American countries reflect on women's leadership at report coordinated by network WINN of ICS.

The dossier gathers interventions of the speakers of the Women's Leadership Skills Cycle in its 2021-2022 edition.

/Mª Cruz Díaz de Terán, coordinator of network WINN

27 | 10 | 2022

Ibero-American visions on female leadership (pdf)

A report coordinated by network WINN of the University of Navarra gathers reflections on women's leadership from 14 managers and teachers from Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The dossier presents a selection of the speakers' interventions in the 2021-2022 edition of the Women's Leadership Skills Cycle, with links to their videos.

"We are confident that these materials will serve as resource to those who wish to innovate and find solutions to current challenges and to those who promote innovation and equal opportunities," saidMª Cruz Díaz de Terán, coordinator of network WINN, at the presentation of report .

Belén Goñi and Pepa Sánchez de Miguel, from the University of Navarra; María Beunza, Ana Belén Albero and Celia Pinedo, from association Innovactoras; Ximea Restrepo, from Tiendas D1 (Colombia); Elyn Solano, Angélica Villarraga and Catherine Pereira, from Universidad de la Sabana; Andrea Montalvo, from the Government of Ecuador; Valicha Cuadra and Corina Ortiz, from Universidad Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo (Peru); Cinthia Bojanic, from Universidad Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia); and Laura Rosso, from Universidad Siglo 21 (Argentina). 

Among other ideas, the protagonists of report highlight several relevant leadership traits. Among them is the building of trust in the team, which requires good communication: active listening, empathy and clear messages to generate a shared vision. They also point out the importance of motivating people, taking into account their diversity, so that they are oriented towards the organization's priorities. Another of the ideas core topic is the leader's vocation to serve the members of his team, the organization and the end customer.

The network WINN (network Ibero-American Innovation and training to Strengthen Female Impact in Innovation Ecosystems) is funded by the Ibero-American Science and Technology Program for the development (Cyted Program). goal Its aim is tomake female leaders visible through the research, the promotion of innovation, the training and the knowledge dissemination. It is part of the association Innovactoras and the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra.