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The University had an economic result of 23.6 million euros in the 2020-21 academic year.

Return to positive results after two years of losses

FotoManuelCastells/Last year the University of Navarra dedicated 108 million euros to different projects at research. In the photo, researchers at a laboratory of the Cima University of Navarra.

28 | 02 | 2022

During the 2020-21 academic year, the University of Navarra had an result of 23.6 million euros compared to -12 last year and -16 in 18-19. The operating result was 18 million euros and the financial was 5.6 million euros. The University increased its revenues to 557 million euros, 57 million more than in the previous year. It also consolidated its staff, which reached 6,308 professionals, 4,312 of whom work in Pamplona. This is reflected in the data published in the economicreport for the 2020-21 academic year, which summarizes the activity of the four campus located in Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona, as well as IESE's international campuses.

La Clínica increased its revenues to 271 million euros - a 25% increase - thanks to an increase in healthcare activity both in Pamplona and at the Madrid site. issue On the other hand, teaching saw an increase in the number of students at programs of study from Degree, Master's Degree and doctorate, but there was a reduction of 7 million euros due to the effects of the pandemic on courses aimed at companies and executives.

Operating expenses amounted to 539 million euros, 8.7 million more than in the previous year, and the staff item amounted to 301.4 million euros, a 9% increase.

Seven million for scholarships

The General Manager, Álvaro Balibrea, pointed out that "we were coming from two difficult years due to the pandemic and to undertake major projects, especially the new urban campus in Madrid. In spite of the economic situation, income has grown and the result has been positive. This has allowed us to recover part of what was invested in previous years, although we must continue on this path of results with a surplus. As a non-profit institution, we can invest these surpluses in improvements for the teaching and the research".

Balibrea thanked the professionals for their efforts during this time: "Their commitment to healthcare activity, professor and research has enabled us to overcome the impact of this healthcare crisis and face the future with hope in the midst of many uncertainties".

In the chapter on grants, the General Manager highlighted that 8,637 people and 246 companies and institutions have made a financial donation to the University in the 2020-21 academic year: "Their generosity has allowed 21 million euros to be allocated to different projects, and 6.5 million of these donations have gone to research. In total, the University of Navarra dedicated more than 108 million euros to the different projects of research ".

On the other hand, the University strengthened its aid program and dedicated seven million euros to scholarships, two of which were earmarked for students with financial difficulties due to COVID-19.