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Professor Eugenio Simón, honorary member of association Argentina de programs of study Fiscales

FotoCedida/Elpresidente de la association Argentina de programs of study Fiscales, Guillermo Lalanne, with Professor Eugenio Simón, with the diploma that accredits him as an honorary member of the institution.

29 | 09 | 2022

The professor and Full Professor of Financial Law, Fernando Simón Acosta, is a new honorary member of the association Argentina de programs of study Fiscales. On September 15, the president of this institution, Professor Guillermo Lalanne, traveled to Pamplona to participate in an event in which he made submission to Simón Acosta the diploma of his appointment as a member of the association, agreed by the committee Directive.

Professionals and teachers, including Argentine tax experts, attended the event, which was broadcast via streaming. Afterwards, Eugenio Simón Acosta gave a lecture at lecture with the following address: degree scroll: "Restructuring of the taxation of assets from a tax justice perspective", which gave rise to a colloquium among the attendees.

committee The president of the association, Guillermo Lalanne, visited the University, where he defended his doctoral dissertation thesis with the highest academic awards in 1996. In his speech he praised the figure of Professor Eugenio Simón Acosta, highlighting his influence on Argentine scientific doctrine, and expressed his satisfaction and joy "for the reunion at his alma mater with some of his friends and colleagues".