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María Iraburu, president: "At the University you will find the context to make your professional dreams come true and open new horizons".

More than 3,000 people attend the University's Welcome workshop for incoming freshmen and their families

FotoManuelCastells/More than 3,000 people participated in the Welcome workshop , which took place at sports center.

30 | 08 | 2022

"Every year the University begins with the novelty that is you, the students who come from so many parts of the world. Each one of you brings something unique, you are all necessary for the University to be what it is called to be: a place of learning, growth, coexistence and friendship". With these words, the president of the University of Navarra, María Iraburu, today welcomed the students who this year begin their programs of study in the academic center and their families.

More than 3,000 people participated in a workshop held at sports center. María Iraburu encouraged the students to enjoy and learn in this new stage they are now starting. "Here you will find the context to make your professional dreams come true, and to open new horizons, perhaps unsuspected. I would especially like to thank the families for their effort and their confidence in the University," she said.

This was followed by the intervention of Ricardo Piñero, Full Professor of Aesthetics, who gave some advice on how to live the university, "one of the best ways to be in the world". "Dare to know, and for that wake up, go out of yourself and discover what you don't know; let yourself be amazed, look and ask, talk and share; and, finally, be who you are, listen to those around you and together with them you can improve your life and theirs," he explained. "At the end of the day, that's what the university is all about, improving everyone's life."

In total, 2,486 first-year students will begin their programs of study at the University of Navarra next Thursday, September 1: 745 are international (from more than 100 countries) and 1,741 nationals, of whom 703 are from Navarre. Many have met today for the first time at the University's campus , in a workshop full of emotions of those who arrive and meet their new classmates and of the families who say goodbye to their children. 

Lucía Blasco starts 1st year of International Office. "I have arrived very nervous, but thanks to this workshop I am gradually becoming aware of the new stage I am starting. I am excited about the opportunity to meet people from so many different places and also about all the extracurricular activities, such as clubs, so that I can combine degree program with other things," said Lucía.

For her part, Miranda Flores has traveled from Peru to begin her programs of study Marketing, with accredited specialization in Fashion. She has been accompanied by her parents and sister. "We feel a mixture of joy and sadness, but we are very excited for our daughter to start college. We want her to spread her wings and learn a lot, and we think the University of Navarra is a good place for that," said her father Angel. "This workshop financial aid us parents to be calm and know more closely the place where our children are going to be." 

"Vive el campus"

Under the name 'Vive el campus', those attending the Welcome workshop were also able to learn about all the services and extracurricular activities offered by the University, as well as the university clubs promoted by students, at information stands located at Amigos Building and at sports center: the University's solidarity time bank, Tantaka; the Sports Servicethe Library Servicesthe institute of modern languagesthe Careers Office, Career Services; the Museum of Art, Innovation Factory, the high school Core Curriculum and the Science Museum

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Students, Rosalía Baena, and the president of the association of Friends of the University, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, have led a session aimed at the parents of the students. In the afternoon, the Museum will host a concert by the University of Navarra Symphony Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of the SODRE of Uruguay.