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127 students graduate from the School Pharmacy and Nutrition program.

81 students of Degree in Pharmacy and 46 students of Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics finished on 27 May their stage of training at the University.

31 | 05 | 2022

The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition celebrated last Friday, May 27, the graduation of 127 students, an academic act with which the Degrees in Pharmacy and in Human Nutrition and Dietetics end their stage of training. "Our School, as a center dedicated to the Education, to the research, to entrepreneurship and to the transmission of culture, has a role core topic in the transformation of society through your training, the training of future professionals", said in her speech the dean, María Javiar Ramírez.

"Throughout these years, our purpose has been to train good health professionals, of course, but also educated professionals, whom the passage through the School has changed: professional citizens, who understand the profession as a service, and sustainable professionals, who work to leave a better world for the future. Because the most important thing in our School is not the technical and material means or the online classes that we have been able to give during the pandemic; the most important thing for us are the people, the most important thing are our students, you are you", he concluded.

"We have gone from being perfect strangers to being something much deeper than just colleagues at classroom," recalled Pharmacy delegate Juan Antonio de Priego. "All the moments we have spent here will keep us united, even if we don't perceive it. We may not see each other for a long time, but I have no doubt that the moment of our reunion will be as if we had seen each other yesterday. We will continue to have that special, indescribable affection for each other that comes from the heart and with which we can all identify".

In addition, Isabella Kury, Nutrition delegate, had a special accredited specialization for the academic staff and the effort they have made during the last years: "Thank you for transmitting to us with affection and enthusiasm this great profession of which we are now a part, and for your absolute understanding during the hardest times, such as the pandemic. We are among the privileged few who have been able to enjoy being present during all this time, and this is the fruit of your great work".

Pharmacists at the service of patients

Professor Guadalupe Beitia, godmother of the LIV promotion of Degree in Pharmacy, recalled during her speech speech the responsibility that new pharmacists have acquired with the patient, and the need for motivation, creativity, empathy and assertiveness, as well as the positive attitude towards the work interprofessional team, and the permanent training as determinants for their professional success.

"Through your stories, you have the opportunity to respond to the new challenges in healthcare and consolidate the pharmacist as an essential member of the healthcare team in patient care. These are challenges that were already on the table, but which have been aggravated by the pandemic with the aging of the population, the chronicity of diseases, polypharmacy and the constant emergence of new technology."

Committed to health promotion

For her part, Professor Susana Santiago, godmother of the XXIV promotion of Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, highlighted the uniqueness of a committed promotion, very participative and eager to learn, despite the uncertainties generated by the pandemic. "Now you are dietitians-nutritionists, health professionals with the capacity to intervene in nutrition at the individual and collective level, and you have much to contribute to society from different approaches such as clinical and primary care, community and public health, collective catering, the food industry, the teaching or the research".

In addition, he recalled the beginnings of his subject, in which he always stresses the importance of commitment to lifelong learning: "Every day offers a new knowledge, a new idea about health promotion, a new law or a new technology that will affect the way the dietitian-nutritionist solves people's problems."