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134 University students combine study and competitive sports thanks to the Sports Talent program

Belonging to 12 Schools, they practice more than 30 sports disciplines.

01 | 12 | 2023

Making the high performing sports internship compatible with the study of a university degree program is not an easy task. To help student-athletes, the University of Navarra launched Talento Deportivo (Sports Talent), a program coordinated by the Sports Servicepartnership with the different Schools.

This year, a total of 134 students from campus in Pamplona and San Sebastian, 67 of them women, are participating in the program. Belonging to 12 Schools, they practice 31 different sports disciplines.

José Antonio Fernández, director of the Program, points out that one of the aspects most valued by students is the flexibility when it comes to modifying dates for exams, practices and deliveries. "Sometimes, sports competitions coincide with some important dates of academic calendar. Although they are student-athletes who make very good use of their time in both areas, the program allows students and their advisors to adapt exams, practices or deliveries to competitions".

Arantxa Arrizurieta is a student at School of Sciences and one of the most veteran members of the Archery School. She recognizes that the training and competitions she has during the week make her develop several skills that are very useful in her studies, from the ability to concentrate to the need to organize her time and adjust to what is established. Igor Colina, a student at the School of Engineering, practices judo and agrees with his classmate when he says that sport "financial aid helps to organize ideas and give a good channel to the energy we young people have".

Some data of interest on Sports Talent Program:

  • 134 participants in the 2023-24 course

  •  6 more students than last year

  • 67 women and 67 men

  • 31 different sports disciplines

  • 53 students are 1st

  • 2 students from postgraduate program

  • 12 Schools: Medicine, Communication, Tecnun, Economics, Sciences, Education and Psychology, Law, Architecture, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Philosophy and Letters, Sciences and Nursing.


→ These are the students participating in the program during the 2023-24 academic year.

Abascal, Teresa Medicine Medicine Athletics
Abete, Nicolás Communication COM audiovisual Baseball
Agote, Mikel Tecnun Industrial Engineering Athletics
Aguinaga, Pablo Economic ADE & diploma in data analytics Soccer
Ahechu, Leyre Tecnun Industrial Organization Engineering Tennis
Alfonsin, Davinia Communication Audiovisual Communication Field hockey
Alonso , Diego Science Biology Handball
Alonso, Jon Tecnun   Field hockey
Aranes, Olivia Economicas ADE + Innovation Sofball
Araujo, Inés Education and Psychology Psychology Ski
Argiz, Marcos Medicine Medicine Swimming
Arilla, Andrea Communication COM Audiovisual & Performing Arts Athletics
Armendariz, Ana Law Law & DECO Ski
Arzalluz, Xavier Architecture Architecture Rugby
Aseguinolaza, Ander Tecnun Engineering Soccer
Asensio, Aitor Tecnun Electronics Engineer Field hockey
Asiron, Juan Communication Journalism Soccer
Azcona, Borja Tecnun Mechanical Engineering Motorcycling
Barrena, Mikel Tecnun   Soccer
Barrena, Nerea Education and Psychology Master's Degree of General Health Psychology Swimming
Berruete, Asier Pharmacy and Nutrition Pharmacy Soccer
Burusco, Íñigo Communication Marketing Soccer
Burutaran, Kimetz Tecnun Industrial Technologies Engineering Rowing
Caño , Javier Economic ADE+ Diploma DEE Soccer
Carril, Paula Nursing Nursing Padel
Casado, Lorena Medicine Medicine Basketball
Chouza, Nicolás Tecnun Industrial Engineering Soccer
Dávila Roure, Ane Pilar Nursing Nursing Padel
Donézar, Martín Pharmacy and Nutrition Pharmacy Soccer
Dufur, Ander Pharmacy and Nutrition Human nutrition and dietetics Soccer
Echarri, María Science Biochemistry Handball
Erice, Maider Nursing Nursing Sokatira
Escuer, Ingrid Science Biochemistry Karate
Estrada, Uxue Tecnun Industrial Technology Engineering Soccer
Ezponda, Nerea Economic Governance Softball
Fernandez, Ignacio Pharmacy and Nutrition Human Nutrition and Dietetics Soccer
Fernandez-Zazpe Ainara Nursing   Artistic swimming
Fontanellas , Claire-Ariane Medicine Medicine Basketball
Fores, Oihan Tecnun   Basketball
Fuentes, Martin Communication Audiovisual Communication Soccer
Galán, Mara Nursing Nursing Handball
Gamboa, Borja Tecnun Mechanical Engineering & design industrial Hand ball
Garatea, Nekane Science   Artistic swimming
Garcia, Amaya Nursing Nursing Rhythmic Gymnastics
Garcia, Irene Architecture   Softball
García, Leire Science Environmental sciences Archery
García, Leyre Education and Psychology Magisterio Education primary Handball
Garcia, Miguel Medicine Medicine Basketball
García-Eizaga, Iñigo Tecnun   Surf
Garralda Ruiz , Irenia Nursing Nursing Athletics
Gastaminza, Javier Tecnun Industrial Organization Engineering Handball
Gaynullina, Alina Economic Bilingual ADE & GM Shooting
Goenaga, Naroa Communication Communication Field hockey
Goenaga, Oihan Communication Journalism Cycling
Gomez , Albert Josep Economic Economics &+ diploma in International Economics and Finance Table Tennis
Goya, Javier Economic ADE Ski
Grace, Paula Science   Artistic swimming
Grandoso, Nerea Science Biology Figure skating
Gúrpide, Leyre Economic BBA+Law Basketball
Herrando, Jorge Pharmacy and Nutrition Nutrition and Dietetics Soccer
Herrera, Norman Science Biology + International science program Triathlon
Ibanez, Lucas Pharmacy and Nutrition Human Nutrition and Dietetics & Sports Nutrition Soccer
Ibarrola Asenjo, Alejandro Economic ADE Tennis
Ibero, Ana Nursing Nursing Softball
Idiakez, Janire Tecnun Biomedical Engineering Figure skating
Ilarramendi, Jorge Medicine Doctoral programs Athletics
Illarramendi, Paula Science Biochemistry & Science and Business Program Soccer
Ilzarbe Daza, June Tecnun Mechanical Engineering Swimming
Irurzun, Miriam Nursing Nursing Field hockey
Lacunza, Daniel Nursing   Handball
Lamosa, Nora Tecnun Mechanical Engineering Athetism
Lasa, Asier Science Chemistry Cycling
Lezaun, Javier Pharmacy and Nutrition Pharmacy & Nutrition Soccer
Lopetegui, Jon Tecnun   Soccer
López Salorio, Beatriz Science   Athletics
Lopez Vila, Alejo Philosophy and Letters Philosophy and Journalism Rugby
Lopez, Pedro Science Biochemistry Field hockey
Losarcos , Maite Medicine Medicine & IP Padel
Losarcos, Paula Nursing   Cycling
Maganto, Ilse Science Biochemistry (biomedicine) Swimming
Magdaleno, Nahia Pharmacy and Nutrition Pharmacy Skating
Mangado, Josué Science Biochemistry (biomedicine) Soccer
Martínez Martínez, Laura Education and Psychology Psychology Athletics
Martínez Izquierdo, Amaia Nursing Nursing Athletics
Mendiburu, Mae Tecnun Industrial Engineering Athetism
Merino , Valentín Medicine Medicine + IP Referee
Mezzacasa, Eli Xiang Tecnun Engineering design INdustrial Kayak Surf
Mitxelena, Aritz Tecnun Biomedical Engineering Field Hockey
Montané , Marina Education and Psychology Psychology Ski
Morales, Ian Medicine Medicine Athletics
Moreno , Alba Nursing Nursing & Caregiving Psychology Diploma Handball
Moreno, framework Nursing Nursing Handball
Morras, Ekai Pharmacy and Nutrition Pharmacy Cycling
Mur, Jordi Economic ADE Soccer
Murgui Rodríguez, Jorge Economic ADE Soccer
Ordoqui, Lucía Nursing Nursing Handball
Odriozola, Kai Tecnun Mechanical Engineering Surf
Oronoz, Alejandro Science Chemistry & Biochemistry Tennis
Oroz, Claudia Pharmacy and Nutrition Human Nutrition and Dietetics + Diploma Sports Swimming
Oyarzabal, Iker Tecnun Industrial Technologies Engineering Figure skating
Palacios, Eduardo Economicas   Soccer
Pardo, Jacobo Medicine Medicine Rugby
Pascual, Alicia Nursing   Swimming
Pascual, Uxué Nursing Nursing Skating
Pinto López de Goikoetxea , Ainhoa Communication Journalism Triathlon
Poolgas, Vanessa Science Environmental Science Horseback riding
Ramos, Unai Nursing   Cycling
Ripa, Javier Education and Psychology Education Primary Soccer
Rodriguez, Alex Tecnun Industrial engineering Athletics
Rubio, Paula Nursing Nursing Handball
Ruiz de Argandoña, Oihane Medicine Medicine Climbing
Ruiz de Navamuel, Juan Nursing Nursing Athletics
Rup, Sonia Law   Fencing
Salgado, Pablo Tecnun Industrial engineering Basketball
Sanciñena, Daniel Law Law & DECO Ski
Sanchez, Alejandro Economic Degree in Business Administration and Management and Data analytics program Athletics
Sánchez Blanco, Izaro Tecnun design Industrial Kayak Surf
Santesteban, Nerea Nursing Nursing Softball
Sanz de Acedo, Carlos Medicine Medicine & International Program Badminton
Sanzol, Ariane Nursing   Athletics
Serrats, Ana Architecture   Equestrianism
Sobrón, Patricia Education and Psychology Psychology Basketball
Sola, Álvaro Economic ADE Padel
Solntseva , Sofya Science Biochemistry & International Science Program Swimming
Soroeta, Javier Tecnun Industrial Engineering Soccer
Tellería Martínez, Iranzu Economic Law & Economics (bilingual) Softball
Torrecilla, Iranzu Science Biochemistry & ISP Rhythmic Gymnastics
Uranga, Haizea Tecnun Biomedical Engineering Soccer
Valgañon, Almudena Communication Audiovisual Horseback riding
Valls, Ainhoa Education and Psychology   Handball
Valverde Noguera, Laura Medicine Medicine Fencing
Viana Molina, Nerea Pharmacy and Nutrition Pharmacy Olympic wrestling
Viles, Diego Tecnun Industrial Organization Engineering Handball
Yuzbashyan, Janetta Communication Global Journalism Athletics