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Half a hundred international students visit the Los de Bronce club

They are in Pamplona to attend a Spanish program at the University of Pamplona.

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The third group of foreign students from ILCE who visited the Peña Los de Bronce. PHOTO: Courtesy
03/07/19 10:08 Maria M. Orbegozo

Just a few days before Pamplona celebrates the festivities in honor of San Fermín, accents from other countries have already begun to be heard in Jarauta Street. Fifty international students, who are taking a Spanish course at the high school of language and Spanish Culture (ILCE) of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra have visited, in three shifts, the peña Los de Bronce to know, first hand, this festival. 

In addition to bringing them closer to the traditions and customs of the people of Navarre around the festival of San Fermin, the members of the peña have explained the work they do to give visibility to women during the festivities, in order to achieve equality. Los de Bronce are immersed in a study, in partnership with the group de research en Historia Reciente - GIHRE(Genovifem), of the School de Philosophy y Letras, to contribute to increase the visibility of women in the public space during leisure time.

Olivia Sawyers, from Kansas State University, was one of the students who had the opportunity to visit the peña. She assures that "I have learned a lot about the history of the Sanfermines, as well as the role of women during the fiestas". For his part, Alejandro Salais, a student from Central Michigan University, said that "the visit visit to the peña has been very interesting, it has changed my perception of the Sanfermines".

Accompanied by Javier Larequi, student of the School of Philosophy y Letras, the students are having the opportunity to get to know different areas of Navarra. Larequi explained that "as a Pamplona native, I have enjoyed showing the heritage of my city to foreigners, many of whom had never been to Europe. As a student of History, it is very rewarding to explain the history of Navarra and that the listeners enjoy it as much as you do".