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"E-MENU allowed me to develop the necessary skills to perform in the world of research"

After finishing the Master's Degree of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, Katherine Gutiérrez did her thesis doctoral work at the University on the reformulation of bakery products.

07 | 03 | 2023

Some time after finishing degree program in Food Agribusiness Engineering, Katherine Gutiérrez moved away from research, but she always kept her interest in continuing her education at area in food science and nutrition. "In the Master's Degree Master's Degree European University in Food, Nutrition and Metabolism of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition I found an opportunity to develop different skills necessary to perform in the world of research: critical thinking, the search for literary resources, the work on laboratory, the collection and processing of data... that later allowed me to take the step to the thesis doctoral".

She did her research at the department of Food Science and Physiology, in the area of Bromatology, with a thesis focused on the reformulation of bakery products using functional ingredients. The main goal was to improve the nutritional quality of these products using accessible raw materials while maintaining their sensory and technological properties. "With this work we obtained very interesting results and that could contribute a lot to the food sector."  

Precisely the results of its thesis , compiled in the work "Reformulation of healthier and more sustainable bakery/pastry products", have been recognized with the second edition of the "award Fundación Vicky Foods a la research en Nutrición y Salud" awarded by the Vicky Foods Foundation and the Center for Innovation in Nutrition and Health (CINS). This award has as goal to highlight the work of the research andits development in technological innovation in the production and use of healthy and sustainable products.