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New board directive of the Museum of Natural Sciences

The School of Sciences has been working on one of the University's Horizon 2020 projects: the Museum of Natural Sciences.

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The members of the new board board of directors: David Galicia, Miguel Vallinas, Arturo Ariño, Ignacio López-Goñi, Marta Revuelta and Laura Juampérez.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
08/01/18 15:21 Laura Juampérez

The Dean of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra has appointed the first board directive of the Museum of Natural Sciences, with the goal to promote its activities and to continue advancing in this project.

The members of the board board of directors, who will combine this work with their current activities at the University, are the following:

  • Ignacio López-Goñi: director of the Museum.

  • Arturo Ariño: director scientist.

  • David Galicia: manager of collections.

  • Marta Revuelta: manager of activities.

  • Laura Juampérez: manager of communication.

  • Miguel Vallinas: manager of fundraising.

The Vice President of academic staff, María Iraburu, gives us some clues about this initiative, which is part of the University's strategic plan.

Why the Museum of Natural Sciences? Why now?
The Museum of Natural Sciences is one of the projects of Horizon 2020, which also includes the campus of Madrid, along with other plans that aim to improve the teaching and the research. Within this plan, the museum responds to two needs.

One, very basic one: for years there has been a real space problem in the area of Sciences, where the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Sciences, and Pharmacy and Nutrition share space and resources. Probably about 45% of the University's activity takes place in this area of campus. One of the reasons for promoting the Museum of Natural Sciences at this time is to seek a solution that will simultaneously contribute to alleviating the space problem in this area.

The second does not refer to the building, but to the activity. Over the years, thanks to the donation of different collections, especially that of Lekaroz, an institution very dear to the people of Navarre, and to the work of the Departments involved, a collection of natural sciences of great value has been generated. Currently, part of the museum's collections are exhibited in the corridors of Hexagon Building, a solution provisional that takes too long. We believe that the collection can be the basis for activities at teaching, research and knowledge dissemination that contribute to fostering environmental awareness and responsibility, not only in science students, but also in the entire university community. It would also be a great contribution to the city and the community.

In order to have a building to meet the needs of the area de Ciencias and to house this project, it will first be necessary to obtain donations. But the idea is not to wait to have it in order to promote the Museum's activities, which will be developed in the coming years.