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"It is necessary for girls to have role models to inspire them and for their talent to be properly and fairly supported."

Researchers from the University of Navarra have participated in a colloquium on the occasion of the Day of Women and Girls in Science.

/The president of the University of Navarra, María Iraburu, during the meeting she has held with students of the IES Padre Moret-Irubide.

11 | 02 | 2022

What are the aspects core topic for the development of the degree program women's research ? What challenges must women scientists face today? Researchers María Blanco, Marta Alonso and Ujué Moreno, from the University of Navarra, the University of Navarra, the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and the Cimamoderated by the student of the School of Sciences, Lara Leal, have shared their experience as women scientists in a colloquium that has taken place in the civivox Iturrama. The event is part of the activities programmed by the Science Museum of the University of Navarra to commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Under the degree scroll, research and talent, the role of women, the three talked about the trajectory of women researchers in past centuries, the reality of the research in the world at the present time, as well as the challenges that lie ahead for the full incorporation of women in the scientific field.

"It is necessary that girls have role models that inspire them and awaken new vocations in all fields, and that their talent is supported in an adequate and fair manner," said Ujué Moreno, researcher at department of Biochemistry and Genetics of the School of Sciences.

For her part, María Blanco, from the University's Technology and Pharmaceuticaldepartment and Chemistry , commented: "Women can play any role they want in science. There are more and more relevant female researchers in laboratories all over the world. We are on the right track but the role of women in science must continue to be visualized in order to achieve equality".

Marta Alonso, researcher in the Solid Tumors program at Cima, referred to "the difficulty of reconciling work and the need to demonstrate more achievements than our peers as the main challenges facing women scientists today".

For her part, the president of the University of Navarra, María Iraburu, has held a meeting with students from the Padre Moret-Irubide Institute in Pamplona. In a session entitled Science and Inspiration, she encouraged the student body to pursue their dreams and free themselves from fears and ties. He also spoke about science, about degree program professional and about eliminating glass and concrete ceilings. She also took the opportunity to visit the institute's facilities accompanied by the school's management.