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Club de Psicología, the new student club at the University of Navarra

The club will reflect on this discipline and promote the culture of wellness through different sessions and resources from training with professionals from different fields.

13 | 01 | 2023

A space that encourages reflection and discussion among students and professionals dedicated to Psychology or interested in this science for their professional development . This is the goal of the new Psychology Club of the University of Navarra, promoted and integrated by former students of the School of Education and Psychologyas well as two students from the Degree in Psychology. This initiative is part of the project Health and Wellness of the University's Strategy 2025.

"University students ask to have access to truthful and contrasted information, facilities to find useful tools and a space to encourage reflection on topics related to Psychology", explain Renata Martinez and Leyre San Martín how the idea of creating this university club arose. They are two of the four founders of the club, an idea that arose last year and which they promoted together with their fellow graduates of the Master's Degree in General Health PsychologyVictoria Nieuwenhuys and Carmen Martín. In addition to these four health psychologists, the club also includes Laura Santiago and Carmen Otero, who are currently in their third year at Degree in Psychology, and researchers and professors Gonzalo Arrondo, Sara García and Elkin Luis

"The Club wants to mark a before and after in terms of the development of Psychology at the University as it is an essential science for the welfare of people," explain Laura Santiago and Victoria Nieuwenhuys. "With this project we would like to do our bit for promote and promote a culture of well-being among the members of the university community," says Carmen Martín.

The goal of this project is to offer a space to share knowledge and experiences, to learn and debate on topics related to Psychology, addressing its different areas: clinical, social, educational, work and organizations, sports, etc. It will also seek to provide support and training resources to its members. To this end, different sessions will be organized in which professionals from different disciplines will be invited and relevant and current topics will be shared, among other activities. "The sessions are designed to be participatory, creating a comfortable space for conversation and learning among members," says Carmen Otero.

The club also aims to contribute to the dissemination of this science to society. To this end, different sessions open to the interested public will be proposed, in addition to using its account of Instagram as another channel of scientific knowledge dissemination . 

Students of any formative stage (Degree, Master's Degree, doctorate), professors and alumni of the University, as well as professionals dedicated or interested in the field of Psychology can register in the club through its website. The first session will take place on January 31, at 7 p.m. at Amigos Building. 

Strategy 2025

The Strategy 2025: University and Sustainability aims to contribute to the sustainable development that today's society needs through its research, professor and welfare work, and at partnership with other corporations. Caring for people and the environment is at the heart of all its projects. The projects framed in the axis "Education Transforming" focus efforts on improving the learning of students, whatever their economic status , attending to their state of health and welfare, the development integral of their capabilities and the training continued alumni and professionals in general need throughout their lives.