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The Institute for Culture and Society will develop four research projects thanks to funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Six ICS researchers have received 224,000 euros in competitive grants for research in the areas of 'Mind, language and thought' and 'Economics'.

/From left to right, researchers Javier Bernácer, José Ignacio Murillo, Inés Olza, Nathaniel Barrett, Miguel García-Valdecasas, Mirko Abbritti and Tommaso Trani.

18 | 01 | 2024

The Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain and the European Regional Fund development have awarded four competitive grants to the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) for 224,000 euros. The research, framed in the thematic areas of 'Mind, language and thought' and 'Economics', will deal with topics such as human habits, the study of the mind, mediation and capital flows, as well as monetary policy.

The group 'Mind-brain' of the ICS has received two of these grants. In the project 'Interdisciplinary study of human habits. Flexibility, cognitive enrichment and creativity', led by Javier Bernácer and José Ignacio Murillo, will analyze the concept of habit and its role in freedom and creativity. They will seek to provide neurobiology with a novel framework of the concept of habit as a disposition that favors flexibility, cognitive enrichment and creativity.

In addition, the research 'Normativity and the origin of mind', directed by Miguel García-Valdecasas and Nathaniel Barrett, proposes an interdisciplinary dialogue between science and Philosophy on normativity. The aim is to offer a new approach from Philosophy to address the questions of minimal cognition and the origin of mind.

Inés Olza, co-principal investigator of group 'Vínculos, creatividad y cultura', will be at position of project 'Del desacuerdo a la mediación. Detection and analysis of multimodal patterns in spontaneous interaction and institutionalized mediation practices'. This research will analyze the relationship between disagreement and mediation, its multimodal expression in interaction and its articulation in both formal (e.g. institutionalized mediation) and spontaneous (everyday conversation) contexts.

Finally, the Navarra Center for International Development will host the project 'Capital flows, leverage and monetary policy', led by Mirko Abbritti and Tommaso Trani. This research will analyze the influence of capital flows and public policies on welfare in a context of economic and political instability.

The call Generation of knowledge 2022, whose resolution final was published in December, has as goal to finance the realization of projects aimed at both promoting the significant advancement of scientific knowledge and addressing societal challenges.