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Breaking down boundaries between subjects and disciplines, goal of the integrated learning promoted by the University.

With student as the protagonist, this new methodology professor aims to unite theory and internship, and bring the student closer to the professional reality.

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The work team is one of the keys to integrated learning. In the picture, ISSA School of Management Assistants students analyzing a case. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
19/06/18 15:52 Maria Salanova

Give a new format to the subjects and teaching plans to study a case of Law from its different branches or, for example, encourage the teaching by projects in the Degree at design. Unite theory and internship in the programs of study of Environmental Sciences with a program that includes 120 days of work in the field, in places such as Wales, California, Ecuador or Costa Rica. Even encourage team work between future professionals in Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, with three shared subjects.

These are some of the objectives of the new Blended Learning initiatives promoted by the University of Navarra within its project Horizon 2020. A project that has as one of its challenges the promotion of innovative teaching .

"The purpose of integrated learning is to cross the boundaries between subjects and disciplines, to unite theory and internship, academic and professional world, so that the student is better prepared to enter the workplace and can respond to social demands in a globalized world multidisciplinary ," says Guadalupe Perez, from the Quality and Innovation Service of the academic center. 

The University of Navarra presented 16 integrated learning projects at the I Forum of Innovation Initiatives professor, organized by the Quality and Innovation Service. All of them of different nature and scope, affecting a subject or complete Degrees (case of Degree in design or Degree in attendance of Management (ISSA School of Management Assistants) or masters (Master's Degree in programs of study Curatorial). "Thanks to integrated learning, the skills acquired through different subjects are linked and applied to avoid a compartmentalized knowledge ," he explains.

The student, protagonist of his training

Students who create a formula 1 car, students who organize congresses or subjects in which the great classics are reinterpreted through theater, film or video games.

"The protagonist of learning is the student. We are aware that today's young people are very different from those of a few years ago. The goal is to enhance their motivation and creativity, to give them a meaningful experience, bringing them closer to the real world," says Guadalupe Pérez.