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Challenges in personalized nutrition for women, topic of a workshop organized by the University.

Nutrition in vegetarian and vegan breastfeeding women, women with gestational diabetes or in menopause, eating disorders or cancer prevention, among the topics to be addressed by experts

/Susana Santiago

The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra celebrates next 25th February the workshop of update in Nutrition, which this year will focus on personalised nutrition in women. The programme will delve into advice on subject personalised nutrition and will present the current status and trends in food and nutrition adapted to different stages, conditions and physiological situations in women's lives. 

Thus, this year's edition includes two round tables dedicated to exploring the challenges in women's nutrition, with different experts who will address the keys to optimal nutrition in vegetarian and vegan lactating women, eating behaviour and microbiota and health in women.

In addition, the second roundtable, will address the current status , prevention and approach to eating disorders (ED), as well as nutrition in gestational diabetes; menopause, obesity and metabolic syndrome; and the relationship between nutrition and cancer prevention.

"Aimed at health professionals, especially dietitians-nutritionists, the different sessions aim to provide a current and applied vision on aspects related to nutrition and food that can be incorporated into the professional internship ", explains Professor Susana Santiago, manager of the workshop.

"We want it to be a space for professionals at meeting , where not only the latest news and trends are discussed, but also to serve as a space for exchange of experiences generated in the daily internship of the attendees", explains Santiago. He also adds that the continuous advances in relation to health and food in particular oblige health professionals to update their knowledge: "Their field of action is very broad and among others, they can intervene in the promotion of health by means of an appropriate knowledge dissemination and speech".

purpose On this occasion, workshop will be held in two formats, online and in person, with the aim of facilitating attendance for interested professionals.

Places to participate in the conference are limited and those interested can apply through the website. registration through its website.