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Regenerative agriculture on St. Albert the Great Day

The patron saint of Sciences of the University of Navarra was celebrated with the submission of prizes of Degree and postgraduate program, a lecture and a paella with 70 attendees.

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Alfonso Chico de Guzman
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21/11/17 14:32 Laura Juampérez

On the occasion of its Day of the patron saint, San Alberto Magno, of the School of Sciences prepared several events that culminated with a massive paella attended by more than 70 people, including teachers, researchers, PAS and students.

submission The festive workshop kicked off with the presentation of diplomas to the students of the 2016-17 academic year who have received the award from Degree -AitanaVictoria Genzor (Biology), Ester Redín (Chemistry) and Iñaki Ortiz de Landázuri (Biochemistry )- and from doctorate -LeireMéndez and Sara Labiano (doctorate Program in research Biomedical) and Hugo José Bello ( doctorate Program in Complex Systems).

This was followed by a lecture on regenerative agriculture, at position by Alfonso Chico de Guzman, vice president of the Alvelal Foundation, dedicated to this field in Almeria. This entrepreneur -invited to the workshop by Biology and Environmental Sciences student Alanna García Navarro- explained to the attendees the objectives of this foundation, created in 2013 in the Altiplano, Los Vélez and Alto Almanzora regions of Almería with the goal to revitalize this region, degraded in some areas from an environmental point of view.

"Our goal", recounted the guest, graduate at LADE, "is to restore these regions by seeking 4 returns: economic - we propose agricultural practices that improve the production of almond crops and other crops typical of the area-, social - we try to attract young population to regions from which there has been an exodus for several decades-, environmental - all proposed measures must be environmentally sustainable, and improve the environment-; and of inspiration - this fourth return, difficult to explain, serves us not to lose sight that what we propose can be applied by others, that generates inspiration to improve regions similar to ours-".

A project with international support

This company, Alvelal, has the support of several international intuitions (such as Commonland) and even of families - especially from Holland and Germany - who value its projects and want to support them financially: "For the moment we have not achieved this same commitment in Spain, but our goal is to achieve it, as it is seen that what we propose is interesting economically and socially, and that it pays to support a subject of agriculture and products that go beyond even what we understand by organic, since they aspire to act as a lever of change that transforms the whole environment," recounted the guest of the School.

The workshop continued with a massive paella attended by more than 70 people, a dessert contest and a gymkhana. 

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