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The delegate of the School Law School: "Let the University go through you".

Interview with Óscar Pau, student of the Double Degree Degree in Law and Philosophy

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
22/10/18 13:22 Blanca Rodriguez

"Let the University go through you", stresses Óscar Pau, student of the Double Degree Degree in Law and Philosophy and delegate of the School Law School, when he recalls his first day at the University of Navarra.

In her second year as a student representative at the centre, she highlights the life of the School and the numerous activities in which students participate and lead: Ajá (legal aid de Alumnos), Legal Clinic, discussion Dikaios Club, the think tank Global Affairs & Strategic Studies or UNMUN, among others.

You have been a representative of School Law and you are starting the fifth year of your programs of study Law and Philosophy; with this perspective, how would you define School?

I would define School as a place of development staff . You not only study, but you also learn about the other facets of life: being with people, taking part in activities, talks, etc. The important thing, as I was told the first day I set foot in the university, is that the university goes through you, not that you go through the university. I was very shocked, but I think it's true. As for School in particular, the best thing I could do is to take part in it. It's a very livelySchool , full of interesting events, apart from the classes, and I think they should be taken advantage of.

What are the objectives that you and Luis Carmona will work towards as delegate and sub-delegate of the School de Derecho?

We plan to continue the work started last year: to improve communication between students andSchool, to keep School alive as before, to continue to promote activities and clubs and student initiatives.

How are you going to implement them?

We organise with all the delegates to do one meeting per month, where we discuss how to carry out the different proposals and activities.

What are the prospects for the new academic year?

Altas. We plan to make this year a great year. To ensure that classic clubs such as Dikaios continue to offer us their powerful debates every other Friday or that newer initiatives such as association Areté can continue to have their space on the School to offer conferences, workshops, clubs, etc. At final, we support all good initiatives by students and help to promote them as much as possible.


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