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"MIDI helped me see where my personality fits best in a way that is closer to the reality of the job."

Pharmacist Irene Peralta has opted for an international experience in Switzerland to complete the work Fin de Master's Degree

23 | 11 | 2022

When she finished fifth year of Degree in Pharmacy, Irene Peralta felt a bit lost, she knew she wanted to continue her training but was not sure what to do, as she was interested in too many areas of the pharmaceutical sector. "After a lot of reading, information and talking to different professionals, I discarded options until I decided to do the Master's Degree in research, development and Medication Innovation (MIDI) offered by School of Pharmacy and Nutrition," she explains. financial aid "It was always one of my main options and the coordination of Master's Degree was of great help in making this decision thanks to its proximity and its availability to solve my doubts".

Regarding the usefulness of Master's Degree for the development of her professional degree program , Irene is clear: "Above all, it has helped me to know what I don't like and what areas I don't want to work in, and this is perhaps even more important than knowing what you do like". Thus, he explains that the program of the School Pharmacy and Nutrition has helped him to know himself better on the professional level as staff, as well as in which positions he fits better because of his personality, how he works under pressure or at group in a way that is closer to the reality of work and where to begin to direct his future career. "On the other hand, it has not only facilitated and given us the opportunity to be in contact of great professionals, but it has also given us the ideal place to generate friendships that I know will last a lifetime".

A self-managed work Fin de Master's Degree

At the time of completing the 6 months of work End of Master's Degree, the Master's Degree offers a large number of places in centers of research and in the pharmaceutical industry (many with the possibility of continuing to do a doctorate). In addition, depending on the year, it is also possible to do them outside Spain. "But if you still prefer to look for something on your own that better suits your profile, or something more international as was my case, the Master's Degree also offers you this option."

She is currently doing the 6 months of work End of Master's Degree in Roche (Switzerland), happy with the decision she has made. "Roche is an amazing business , full of innovation and talent, but also full of opportunities for profiles like ours. Not only am I learning day by day, but I am also networking and improving my English considerably," she relates. "The business is full of activities and exciting projects always open to welcome someone new, share knowledge or just have a coffee together and chat about how the company works."