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100% of internships for students in the programs Master's Degree are remunerated

The monthly salary average exceeds 1,600 euros and 10% of the students are hired directly with an employment contract.

26 | 09 | 2022

100% of the internships of the students of the Master's Degree programs of the School are paid, with a remuneration average exceeding 1,600 euros per month. 50% of the students were placed at the end of December and 100% were working by June. Ten percent had joined the firm directly with an employment contract. data These are some of the results of the latest Placement Report presented by the School of Law, coinciding with the V meeting with directors and heads of Human Resources of law firms, which took place recently at the University'scampus in Madrid

The students are working in 35 firms: 41 students (51%) have obtained work in a national signature ; another 26 (32.5%), in international firms and 9 of the postgraduates are working in one of the consulting firms that make up the so-called Big 4: KPMG, EY, PwC and Deloitte; the remaining 5% are doing internships in consultancy service and business. As for placement by areas, the majority are in Tax (17.5%) and Corporate (17.5%) and another 11.25% in Digital .

As for the firms that have hired the most issue students, Cuatrecasas (10), Pérez-Llorca (7) and Garrigues (5), occupy the top positions. Ninety-seven percent of the jobs are located in Madrid.

data by Master's Degree

76 students studied double Master's Degree: Access to the Bar with business Law(42); with advisory service Tax (13) and with Digital Law(21). The remaining four students graduated in Law from business (2) and Fiscal (1) and Digital (1).  

From the latest edition of the Placement Report it is clear that each program has its own peculiarity in terms of employability.  

21.43% of the students of Master's Degree of advisory service Fiscal have formalized a contract. Of the Master's Degree programs of the School, the students of the double Master's Degree program in Tax obtain a higher remuneration: 64% of those who are doing an internship receive 2,000 euros per month. In this case, all the internships take place in Madrid, in 8 offices, and all of them at area Fiscal. 

"The report reflects the upward trend in the remuneration of our students' internships, especially those of the Master's Degree at advisory service Fiscal. In addition, more and more students are completing the internship with a contract, so that they do not perform a temporary work but join final the firm. This is one of the objectives of the Law School ", said Fidel Alonso-Allende, director of development of the School. 

The firms that have recruited the 44 students of the double Master's Degree of Law of business total 23, 52.27% of the students work in a national signature ; 40.91%, in an international firm and another 6.4% is employee in one of the firms that make up the Big 4. By areas, the students are distributed in Commercial (12 students), Procedural (4 students), Rotation (16 students) and others such as financial, labor, criminal, public, etc., (12 students). In the case of Master's Degree Digital Law, 22 students are working in 18 other law firms. 40, 91% are doing an internship in a national law firm; 31,82% in an international law firm and 18,18%, in business and consultancy service. The students of Master's Degree in Digital Law are working in different areas ranging from Digital (TMT, intellectual property, information technologies, legaltech); Procedural, Commercial and other areas such as Criminal, Public, Real Estate, Banking & finance, etc. 

Promoting the employability of students

The Careers Office of the Law School is in charge of processing students' internships. The goal is to provide students with the set of tools necessary to direct their professional careers and promote the contact between recruiters, students and alumni.  

Several activities are organized to fulfill this goal: presentations, selection processes on-campus and Cross Agendas and the weeks of training in professional competencies, where students have the opportunity to participate in soft skills training activities, which allow them to manage in the legal market. On the other hand, law firms have the opportunity to meet their potential candidates in a relaxed atmosphere, which facilitates the evaluation of their professional profiles in depth. 

The Careers Office makes available to the law firms a computer application, created exclusively for the university (CV Book), which collects the professional profile of all the students of the promotion. With this information, the firms select the profiles of their interest and invite them to their selection processes, the first phase of which is carried out at the University. 

This event is called Cross Agendas and is held twice during academic year, in November and January. According to the latest employability report , 20 firms participated in the November Agendas and another 20 in the January Agendas. In total, of the 35 firms that signed up, 28 of them had participated in the cross-agendas. Of the 80 vacancies, 88% were generated in cross-agendas.