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The School de Derecho creates a department to promote the teaching and research at International Office

FotoManuelCastells/The board board of directors of the new department is composed of professors Pilar Zambrano, Gonzalo Villalta and María Teresa Gil Bazo.

28 | 09 | 2023

Office of the Executive Council has created a new department of International Office within the School of Law, which will be added to the already existing ones: theDepartment of Private Law, International and of the business, and the department of Public Law and Legal Institutions

The role of the new department will be the governance of the teaching and research in the scope of the International Office. The goal is to give a boost to the search for academic staff, to the adjustments in the Study program and to the development of the research in this area. 

"With the creation of this new department the School wants to promote the work professor and research in the field of International Office. With a specialized academic staff , we want to become a reference in the training of internationalists", explains Mercedes Galán, dean of the School of Law

The new department will be directed by Professor Gonzalo Villalta, Professor María Teresa Gil Bazo will be the deputy director, and Professor Pilar Zambrano will assume the administrative office.  

International research career

Professor Gonzalo Villalta Puig is Full Professor of International Public Law and International Office at the University of Navarra. Prior to his arrival in Spain, he developed his academic degree program in different universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. He held the Chair of Economic Integration Law at the University of Hull, whose School of Law and Political Science he directed. He was Professor of Law and Outstanding Fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong serving both as Associate Dean of research and Associate Dean of development of its School Law. He has been a member of the committee of Governing Body of the University of Hull and the Executive Council of the lecture of the UK Law Deans. A former Justice of the Peace of the Australian Capital Territory, he is a barrister of the High Court of Australia, a barrister of the High Court of New Zealand and a barrister of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales. Prior to his move to academia, he practiced law at the Australian law firm, Clayton Utz. 

He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Jurisprudence, a Fellow of the European Law Institute and an Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law. He directs the group of research for programs of study Constitutional Free Trade and Economics Policy of the association International of Constitutional Law. He has been a member of the committee Plenary of association International Law and several of its committees and study groups, including committee for Commercial Law International. He co-founded the Global Journal of Comparative Law (Brill Nijhoff) of whose committee of essay he is a member. He is a full member of the UK Academy of Education Higher .

María Teresa Gil Bazo is a Senior Lecturer in International Law. She has previously taught at the Universities of Oxford (2004-2007) and Newcastle (2007- 2020). She is a research associate at the University of London, co-chair of the group Fundamental Rights of the European Law Institute (Vienna), member of the association International Asylum and Migration Judges, and has been an external expert for the EU Asylum Agency (2015-2019).

Pilar Zambrano is a full professor of Philosophy del Derecho. She also teaches Human Rights and Political Thought at School Law and is a professor of Ethics at the Institute Core Curriculum.

She has been a professor at the Universidad Austral (Argentina) and a researcher at the committee Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de Argentina; she has also taught teaching at Strathmore University (Kenya) and has been a visiting professor of Philosophy of law and methodology of research in several Latin American universities (Universidad Panamericana de México, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay; Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia; Universidad de Piura, Perú; etc.).

She is deputy editor of the journal Persona y Derecho; referee and member of the scientific committee of several journals specialized in the Philosophy of law and human rights; and author of numerous works of scientific research on Philosophy of law and human rights.