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Honors Program students complete their week of international business advocacy in London training

Called International Legal Week, this program is held at partnership with the law firm Clifford Chance.

PhotoCedit/Participatingstudents at the International Legal Week at Clifford Chance in London.

10 | 06 | 2022

The second year Law students of the Honors Program had their week of training in London, the International Legal Week, at partnership with professionals from the law firm Clifford Chance. This is an academic programme that brings them closer to business law, with sessions on international arbitration, security law in the European market and international and European tax law. In addition, during their stay in London, they were able to visit the Royal Court of Justice, The Old Bank of England, the British Parliament, as well as the headquarters in the British capital of Clifford Chance, an international legal signature with 34 offices in 24 countries and more than 3,400 lawyers in Africa, America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. 

"Through this week of training the students with the best academic transcript know the most international side of the programs of study of Law. The programme is a further commitment by School to talent and to fill in the academic training at classroom with the experience of legal professionals", explains Fidel Alonso-Allende, director of development of School Law, who thanked Clifford Chance for their availability and partnership.

The work sessions were held at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in London. Professors from School Law, Patrick O'Malley and Antonio Vázquez del Rey participated together with Elisabeth Bilbao and Nathalie Potin. At the end of this week of training, the students have to prepare a practical case which they then defend in the Case Competition. The closing ceremony and the awarding of diplomas was presided over by Jorge Noval, Dean of the School Law School, and Fernando González, HR Executive Clifford Chance, submission . 

"This experience has provided me with knowledge of branches of law that I didn't know yet, giving me a good basis for the subjects I still have to study, as well as being able to practice my English and show me future opportunities for work. I think it is very positive to work at group, to develop ideas and points of view in common", says Gala Puerta Ciuró, one of the students who took part in this edition.