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Clara Asensio, Sergio Moral, Carla Martínez Artigas, Garazi Sánchez Goñi and Martín Sánchez Zaragüeta, winners of the contest "Historia play. History in 7 minutes" contest.

The competition organized by the University has focused on the figure and contributions of women in history, art and literature.

FotoManuelCastells/First row, Sergio Moral, Carla Martínez and Clara Asensio. In the second row, Professor Rocío García, Martín Sánchez Zaragüeta and Garazi Sánchez.

The University of Navarra has awarded the prizes of the contest "History play.History in7 minutes", organized by the School of Philosophy and Letters of the academic center. In its third edition, in which 80 students of 4th of ESO and 1st of high school diploma In its third edition, in which 80 students from 10 schools in Navarre participated, the students had to address in a 7-minute podcast the figure and contributions of women in history, art and literature. The participants have submitted a total of 31 proposals on more than twenty women forgotten by the general public, from the Úriz sisters, to the Touza sisters, through Micaela Díaz Rabaneda or Violeta Parra, among others.

Clara Asensio Muneta, student of high school Calasanz Escolapios, has obtained the first award for her work about Elizabeth Jane Cochran (known by her pseudonym Nellie Bly), pioneer of journalism of research, who broke a record by going around the world in 72 days. The second prize award was awarded to the team formed by Sergio Moral Conejo, Carla Martínez Artigas and Garazi Sánchez Goñi, from IES Ibaialde, who dealt with the figure of the teacher and pedagogue Micaela Díaz Rabaneda. In third place was student Martín Sánchez Zaragüeta, from high school Nuestra Señora del Huerto, for work on the sisters Elisa and Josefa Úriz, considered precursors of the Modern School in Spain and promoters of the Universal Children's Day.

After the awards ceremony submission , a raffle was held among the attendees to participate for two days in the "Archaeology Program" that the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University organizes at the Roman site of Los Bañales(Uncastillo), at framework of the Diploma of Archaeology, and whose work is directed by Professor Javier Andreu, Full Professor of Ancient History of the academic center.

This competition, which has the partnership of the Museo Universidad de Navarra and the bookshop TROA, is the continuation of the Olimpiada de Historia de Navarra. Its goal is to put in contact students and teachers of Secondary Education of the Comunidad Foral with the historians of the University of Navarra, by means of the realization of works in podcast format of historical subject matter, in a maximum of 7 minutes. It also wants to show the importance of the digital world in the research, narration and knowledge dissemination of History.