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University students create more than 30 new business models during the school's annual entrepreneurship competition

An intelligent device to monitor sleep through different therapies; a software to transform homes to virtual reality and an application on religious tourism have been the winning projects of students from Degree and Master's Degree

PhotoDavidDomenech/From left to right: Secundino Fernandez, Vice President of Office of Academic Affairs; Juliana Mira Velez, Maria Paula Flores, Amyra Farez, Fausto Padilla (SOMNIUM) and Valentina Caro (presenter).

09 | 05 | 2023

Students at the University of Navarra have created more than 30 new business models during the latest edition of the academic center's Fast Track entrepreneurship competition. Organized by Innovation Factory, the university's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this initiative recognizes the work, development and innovation of the best business plans at two levels: a competition between students from Degree in Pamplona and San Sebastian, and a shorter one for students from Master's Degree held at campus in Madrid. A smart device to monitor sleep through aromatherapy; a software to transform homes to virtual reality and an application on religious tourism were the winning projects.

Somnium, has been the first classified among the teams of Degree. The project, which already has its own prototype, is formed by Fausto Padilla (2nd year of Audiovisual Communication), Juliana Mira Vélez (1st year of ADE + Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Amyra Farez (2nd double Degree ADE + Law), Gonzalo Roca (2nd year of Engineering in Industrial Technologies), and María Paula Flores (4th year of Biochemistry + Science and Business Program). The device is capable of monitoring sleep in a personalized way to improve people's quality of life and offer them recommendations and advice to optimize their rest. Through aromatherapy, light therapy and sound therapy, the device adapts to each person's sleep Username. The team is currently developing the possibility of introducing melatonin - a hormone that intervenes in the natural sleep cycle - into the device to generate further advantages in the quality of life of users.

In turn, Higia, a solution to improve the well-being of millions of workers in their companies, was the runner-up. Formed by Luis Miranda and Fernando Lima (5th of Economics + Leadership and Governance Program), Victoria Chavero (4th of Philosophy, Política y Economics - PPE) and Rocío Gutiérrez de Cabiedes (3rd of design), the project consists of a subscription system that offers different healthy meal plans to companies to positively influence the life-balancework and maximize the salary of their workers.

Members of the second classified team, Higia.

The Fast Track program for students of Degree includes six months of work and training theoretical-internship in multidisciplinary teams of all Schools to be more prepared for what awaits them in their professional future. Students receive sessions on ideation, creativity, canvas models, financial statements, business plan, communication or marketing to be able to defend their entrepreneurial project to investors. The award for these two teams consists of the participation in the Innovation Trip, an inspirational trip to Israel to visit its innovation centers, get to know the entrepreneurial fabric of the country and get closer to the culture and local traditions of the "startup nation".

These were some of the finalist ideas:

In the case of the competition for students of postgraduate program held in Madrid, the award was ex aequo between two projects. Ritel VR y Caturismo. Formed by Inmaculada Luz Muñoz, Manuel Lopez y Teresa Terryall of them double Master's Degree of Architecture and Sustainability; Rocio Rivero y Carmen Lunaof the Master's Degree University of Architecture; y Julie Chemutai (Master's Degree in Banking and Financial Regulation), Ritel VR consists of software that transforms homes into virtual reality so that companies can show potential buyers or investors their real estate assets. This customized tool allows multiple configurations (decoration, distribution...), speeds up the sale and reduces the financial risk.

Ritel VR team members






Members of the Caturismo team

Caturismo, integrated by María Esther Balcázar, Brenda Saravia and Brandom Herrera, from Master's Degree University in design and management Environmental Buildings; Josefina Brusadin, from Master's Degree in Christianity and Contemporary Culture; and Carmen Sobrini, from Master's Degree University in Industrial Engineering, presents an application that aggregates and expands all the information on religious tourism, geolocated and with information contrasted by historians. 

These were all the finalist proposals: 


submission The Degree Fast Track awards ceremony took place at the University of Navarra Museum during the annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship gala, the Innovation Day, where different brands, speakers, students and alumni tell their experiences and innovation stories. In this edition participated Santiago López, Director Creative of SAMLO Foundation; Lucía Mompó, CEO of Malferida; Erika Gómez, CEO of Twin&Chic; and part of the team of Tierra Rapaz, a foundation that takes care of totally irrecoverable birds and that made a live flight exhibition. In addition, during the gala, different videos of entrepreneurial students were projected, attendees participated in an Escape Room by teams and, finally, there was an aperitif with live music and 360° videography.

At campus in Madrid, the submission awards ceremony was held a month earlier for graduate students. Under the framework of Master's Degree for Technological Innovation, Innovation Day Madrid was divided into two parts. A morning workshop that counted with the participation of Fundación Repsol, Enagás, Wayra, Astrazeneca and concluded with a roundtable of entrepreneurs moderated by Andrés Saborido (Managing Director Wayra Global); and a second workshop in the afternoon that concluded with the defense of the entrepreneurial projects before a jury formed by León Rituertoformer student and CSO at Hunty; and David Suriolformer student and co-founder of Vortex Bladeless.