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Two programs on emotions and politics and mindful eating open summer courses at the University of Navarra

They are part of the summer courses of the universities of Navarra.


21 | 06 | 2022

Two programmes on "Emotions and politics" and "Conscious and healthy eating: mindful eating" will open next week's summer courses at the University of Navarra. These proposals are part of the summer courses of the universities of Navarre, organised by the Government of Navarre at partnership with the Public University of Navarre, the University of Navarre and the UNED associated centres in Tudela and Pamplona.

On 27 and 28 June, the course "Emotions and Politics" will take place, directed by Mariano Crespo, lecturer at School of Philosophy y Letras. What impact do emotions have on political messages? How do politicians decide to strategically show their emotions? What influence do emotional factors have on the vote? These are some of the aspects that will be addressed in this programme, which will offer a panoramic view of discussion on the relationship between emotions and politics, from the perspective of Philosophy, neurology, anthropology, psychology, etc.

From 27 to 30 June, the course "Conscious and healthy eating: mindful eating" will take place, led by Susana Santiago and Itziar Zazpe, lecturers at School in Pharmacy and Nutrition. The programme will address the resources and strategies for a more conscious and healthier diet and hydration on internship , learning to recognise hunger and satiety signals and managing emotional hunger.

"Today's pace of life means that less and less time is spent on shopping, cooking and enjoying food. It is not only what we eat that matters, but how and why we eat it. The pandemic caused by Covid 19 has highlighted the importance of emotions and the impact it has had on our shopping and consumption habits," explain the directors.

Cooking workshop with chef Xandra Luque

Through the interventions of psychologists, doctors and dieticians, the course will be divided into three parts: conscious eating, strategies and resources for healthy eating and hydration with a head. On 30 June, a practical workshop will be held under the title degree scroll "Healthy gastronomy with heart", at position by chef Xandra Luque. It will take place at classroom de Cocina, with a limited capacity of 44 places (the rest will be able to follow the workshop online).

Finally, that same week, on the 29th and 30th, there will be a course on "Virtual Reality and 3D Printing - Artistic Sculpture Course", which will offer an approach to additive manufacturing and the creation of 3D models from a fully immersive digital environment.

The courses will continue in August and September with the following programmes: "El challenge de leer en el classroom. The methodology of the Great Books Seminars" (29 and 30 August); "Humour, drawing and the city" (1 and 2 September); and "Storytelling with vignettes: history, literature, comics" (15, 16 and 17 September).