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II workshop #Bioemprendedores at the University of Navarra

Organized by the Biotechnology Club and business at School of Sciences, it brought together 25 students.

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24/04/18 23:12 Laura Juampérez

The Second conference #Bioemprendedores, promoted by the Biotechnology Club and business and held at School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, brought together this year, for three consecutive days, 25 students interested in entrepreneurship in this field.

To motivate them and offer them the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs who have launched their own business, the Club brought together Nora Alonso (Biología 99) -CEOof Iden BIotechnology-, Santiago Lozado -FundManager of core topic Mayor- and Fernando Gallego (Biochemistry 11)-consultant at SILO- Science & Innovation Link Office- at campus . In sessions colloquium that took place on consecutive days, the three guests offered their vision from three different professional profiles. While Nora Alonso focused on how the first patents arose in the laboratories - where she was doing her doctoral thesis - and why she decided to hang up her lab coat and go on to run her own business; Santiago Lozano delved into the workings of an investment fund specializing in technology transfer.

The third guest, Fernando Gallego, explained work at consultancy service, using examples of projects in which he has collaborated.

The students participating in this second edition belonged, among others, to Schools of Science, Pharmacy, Medicine and Economics.

The Biotechnology Club and business was founded in 2014 in the School of Sciences with the goal deservir of point of meeting for those students who have concerns in the areas of entrepreneurship, science and Biotechnology, as well as to weave among them a network of contacts and support that integrates students from different courses and Degrees.