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The School Pharmacy and Nutrition submission awards work End of the year awards Degree

Five students received recognition for the quality and strength of their projects. research

/Marta Alonso, Uxue Aristu, Isabella Kury, Ángela Covo and Andrea Suescun.

31 | 05 | 2022

The graduation ceremony of the last promotions of the Degrees in Pharmacy and in Human Nutrition and Dietetics was the framework in which the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition made submission of the Prizes work End of Degree, awarded to five students for the quality and solidity of their projects of research among the 15 presented of Pharmacy and the 20 of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Thus, Marta Alonso received the award in Pharmacy for her"Study of the neuronal architecture and synaptic plasticity of striatal projection neurons in an animal model of progressive parkinsonism", a research co-directed by professors María Cruz Rodríguez and Marta Zamarbide, of the CIMA.

In Nutrition, the award went to Uxue Aristu, who studied "Body composition and its relationship with physical activity Degree and eating habits in a group group of people with achondroplasia". Professor Marisol García Unciti directed the work .

In addition, the School has two prizes awarded by companies in the sector: Isabella Kury won the award Danone for her work "Changes in gut bacterial genus abundances and Alfa-diversity after a fibre-enriched probiotic yoghurt intervention", directed by Professor Fermín Milagro. The award 3P went to Ángela Covo and her research "Overcoming T cell dysfunction in the acidic tumour microenvironment", co-directed by Professors Juan José Lasarte and Flor Navarro.

Finally, Andrea Suescun received the award ISTUN thanks to the project "Amphotericin B in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis", directed by Professor Esther Moreno. In addition, two special mentions were awarded in this category to Andrea Pascual and Julia Delfina Ruíz Lacruz.