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The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition welcomes the 84 students who will take one of the four master's degrees it offers.


06 | 09 | 2022

On September 1, the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition welcomed the 44 students starting this year one of the four programs of postgraduate program that are developed in the Campus of Pamplona: the Master's Degree European in Food, Nutrition and Metabolism (E-MENU), the Master's Degree in research, development and Drug Innovation (MIDI) and the Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry (MDGFI). In the case of the fourth graduating class of Master's Degree University in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies, the welcoming ceremony took place on Monday, September 5 at Campus in Madrid.

The new students come from 10 different countries and have completed their programs of study from Degree at 29 different universities. Of them, 10 will start this year the Master's Degree E-MENU, while 25 will take the MIDI. In addition, the MDGFI will have 9 new students. This program is characterized by a very relevant part internship that is carried out in the pilot drug manufacturing plant of department Technology and Chemistry Pharmaceuticals, so a reduced number of students is necessary group for its correct development. For its part, the fourth promotion of the University Master's Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies, which is taught in Madrid, will have 40 students.

During the welcoming ceremony, Mª Javier Ramírez, dean of the School, invited the students to make the most of the opportunities offered by the different programs: "Studying a Master's Degree will provide you with a higher level of training, a mastery beyond the execution of technical qualities. Therefore, make the most of all the opportunities that you will discover at campus, which will undoubtedly serve you in your professional development ".

Along the same lines, Juan Manuel Irache, Associate Dean of postgraduate program, pointed to the enrichment that other disciplines can bring to university students: "When you were studying at Degree, you may have had a certain tendency towards the evaluation of success as something related to grade: the more grade, the greater the success. Now is a good time to invest time in improving and deepening your soft skills. You have come here to specialize in scientific aspects, but do not forget the knowledge in other sciences, in other knowledge, that make the human being know himself. Spending time in these other sciences is not a waste of time, but a gain in life".

He also emphasized that the link with the University and the School will go beyond the period of each Master's Degree: "This will be your place of training, as well as your home once you have finished your classes. I believe that your stay here will be very fruitful, since both the professors and the coordination teams of the masters have done a fantastic work for update contents, so that what you receive will be as useful as possible".